I recognize that everyone has a unique story to tell. Unfortunately, social attitudes towards things like gender, sexual orientation, substance abuse, or family situations can make someone afraid to speak out. I will support and nurture you regardless of background, ethnicity, gender, sexual or relationship orientation. I strive to provide a safe and welcoming environment, free of judgment
I believe in helping people in a thorough and holistic manner. If you are experiencing feelings of depression or anxiety, I won’t simply give you a solution for how to feel less depressed or anxious. I will do more than simply offer you ways to relieve your immediate bad feelings, I will help you understand the source of those feelings and develop a sense of self-mastery. Equipped with a core understanding of self, we will create and work towards your life goals. I believe in a “bottom, up” approach because I feel that it is essential to creating stable, long-lasting change.  
Transparency and directness are two important things that I practice. I will let you know what I think or observe, and will communicate with you in a supportive way. I believe that the best therapy happens when there is collaboration and communication.  
Compassion comes with knowledge and self-understanding. It is my belief that when we are not living a life that is true to who we are, we aren’t able to make our lives fulfilling or enjoyable. Our culture presents us with many pressures and conflicting messages that we struggle to manage. I help people identify and build on their unique values and strengths. I believe that when you live authentically, you are more resistant to feelings of unhappiness, anxiety, and relationship struggles because you will have learned to respect and support your unique self.