I help couples improve their communication, resolve conflict, increase intimacy, and have improved understanding of each other so that they can feel more connected.
While rewarding, maintaining a relationship takes a lot of work and can be very difficult at times. The stresses and responsibilities of every day life can sometimes lead to feelings of distance, lack of intimacy, arguments, and unhappiness. Big life changes such as birth, death, moving, or changes in career can also put strain on a relationship. Sometimes relationship problems feel so overwhelming and unchangeable that people feel they need to end the relationship.
I believe that couples are usually more “on the same page” than they feel. Unfortunately, differences in communication styles and difficulty creating meaningful connections may lead to dissatisfaction in a relationship. I can work with you to improve difficulties and transitions in your relationship as well as instill hope in areas where there is none. Whether you have been together for most of your life or you are in a new relationship, I can help you work towards creating your ideal partnership.