I work with individual members as well as the whole group to address the unique issues that artists face so that your band can focus on the music, not on the stress.

Bands often function similarly to families, and experience many of the same problems. In addition to the trials of everyday life, artists and those in the music industry face an extra set of stressors and potential problems.  

With the frenetic schedules of touring and playing, you may find it difficult to maintain relationships and may experience more stress due to the lack of consistency or stability in your environment. There can be conflict with band-mates and adjusting to the business side of the music industry may be difficult. There may also be struggles with substance abuse. Any of these issues may hinder creativity and put the band’s work and stability in jeopardy.   

If you are experiencing any of these difficulties, I can work with you to alleviate stress and increase positive experiences both within the group and in your personal life.