My approach to therapy is multi-dimensional. There are a number of techniques or theories that inform my work, which I explain below. Most importantly, I care deeply for the people I work with and strive to challenge, advocate for, and support them in their journey.

Family Systems  Over the course of therapy, we will discuss your history and your family’s history so that we can identify significant patterns and dynamics. You will gain a deeper understanding and compassion for yourself and family. You will then be able to use this knowledge to decide which patterns you would like to strengthen and which ones you do not want to perpetuate.
Art Therapy  Art Therapy incorporates the art-making process into the therapy session. Art therapy is effective regardless of skill or experience level. It is innately healing and provides insight, healing, and expression in an efficient manner. To learn more about Art Therapy, read this article from the American Art Therapy Association.
Cognitive-Behavioral  This approach involves identifying how your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors are influencing your emotional state. When necessary, thought processes and behaviors are adjusted so that you can improve how you are feeling.
Holistic  In addition to addressing issues at their source and looking at the “big picture,” I recognize that many things can impact our emotional well-being. Physical health and environmental factors may negatively impact one’s mental health. I help people identify other variables that may be affecting them and provide resources and referrals when necessary. I happily collaborate with other health care professionals when given permission by the client. 
Education  I often recommend useful and relevant resources such as books, websites, referrals, and organizations that may helpful.
Strength-based  Rather than focusing on deficits, I help people identify and build on their unique strengths. I believe that people can be very resilient, and I like to work with people so they can better understand and utilize their skills. Through doing this, people are often able to more effectively overcome their challenges.
Eclectic  Since many theories and techniques inform my approach, I strive to remain flexible and open to many possibilities and solutions. I utilize whichever tools I think will be most helpful for the specific situation. I encourage feedback and collaboration from my clients.